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Welcome to The Friday Notebook Project

Creative Writing Programs to Boost Literacy, Learning, and Engagement for Children and Teens


What if…

       …tapping students’ imagination could boost literacy? 

What if students could help each other build writing skills?

What if a writing program could engage students whose voices have traditionally been silenced? 

We would like to share with you

a creative writing program that provides strategies for teachers, specialists, librarians, and program staff seeking to boost literacy, learning, and engagement for children, teens, and young adults.

Why Friday?

Friday Notebooks look a lot like other notebooks. Some classrooms have Tuesday Notebooks; some programs have Morning Notebooks; the name simply signals the weekly time when students’ worlds become the source for learning.

Friday Notebook programs generate:

• Enthusiastic Writers

• Increased Literacy

• Engaged Learning Communities

Program participants create fiction, memoir, fantasy, poetry, songs, drawings, personal essays, and plays. They hold readings with other classrooms, write to pen pals, and tutor younger students. They explore careers and develop work skills. 

And they build learning communities for students with a wide range of backgrounds and abilities.



The Friday Notebook Project offers programs and training for teachers, specialists, librarians, and community organizations seeking a structured way to:

–  engage children and youths through their natural ability for storytelling

–  support a sense of discovery in reading and writing

–  boost students’ skills and confidence as writers and learners

–  build inclusive learning cohorts

–  share the power of writing across classrooms, programs, and communities


The Friday Notebook Project

Onsite Programs – Teacher & Staff Training 


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