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The Friday Notebook Project – About Us

Our Vision
is to support a more just, inclusive, and sustainable society by creating writing and learning communities for people with a wide range of backgrounds and abilities.

Our Mission
is to share with teachers, specialists, librarians, and program staff a simple yet highly effective approach to writing that boosts literacy, learning, and engagement for children, teens, and young adults.

We Value
stories and writing as a pathway to identity, voice, and agency in the world. Helping children and teens know that their stories matter can be a life-changing experience.

Kathy Dunn, Founder and Director of The Friday Notebook,
 has worked with creative writing as an instrument for personal, community, and organizational growth for over 25 years.  With a depth of experience in education and workforce development, she has introduced children, teens, adults, and seniors to the Friday Notebook approach to writing, learning, and discovery – in private, educational, and community settings. Kathy has a B.A. in Education, an M.Ed. in Counseling, and an M.S. in Organization and Management.


To learn more about ways to extend literacy and learning for children and young adults through writing, contact us here.

The Friday Notebook Project

Onsite Programs – Teacher & Staff Training 

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