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Friday Notebook – Training & Consultation

For Teachers and Paraprofessionals

4-Session series

Spring & Summer, 2024

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Friday Notebook provides training, consultation, and program development for individuals, groups, and organizations seeking ways to boost literacy, learning, and engagement for children, teens, and young adults.

Training programs include didactic as well as hands-on practice in designing, leading, and debriefing Friday Notebook projects, with a focus on participants’ populations and learning areas. 

Topics include:

Establishing Safety, Encouraging Experimentation
Honoring Every Student’s Voice
Collaborative Learning
Creative Writing Tools and Forms
The Friday Notebook Project Cycle: Draft, Revision, and Engaging Others with Writing
Resource Materials
Challenges Specific to Settings and Participants
Defining Program Goals and Evaluating Program Effectiveness

The Friday Notebook approach has been particularly effective in:

Classroom-based Programs
Small Group and Individual Tutoring Sessions
Internal Suspension
Cross-classroom and Cross-school Projects
Before- and After-school Programs
Career and Workforce Development Programs 

Friday Notebook Training Programs are designed for:

Classroom Teachers: Pre-School through High School
Specialists: Special Education Teachers, Reading Specialists,
                      English Language Learners Teachers, School Counselors
School and Public Librarians
Program Staff and Volunteers
Career and Workforce Training Staff

Organizational Settings Include:

Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Head Start Programs
After-School Programs
Health Centers
Community Outreach Programs
Summer Programs for Children and Youths
Workforce Development Programs

“Kathy Dunn is able to provide the kind of atmosphere that produces much and varied writing from the students. We all know that students won’t write if they don’t feel like it, and they especially won’t produce strong writing unless they feel safe. Kathy has created that safe environment.”  – ESL Department Chair

“Thank you again for being such a gentle, thoughtful, and surprising teacher.  …I understand how lucky the other trainees and all your students are to work with you.”  – P. Burke, Training Participant

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