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The Friday Notebook Project – Professional Development Trainings
For Teachers and Specialists

What’s your story…? Using Creative Writing

to Engage Struggling Students

Friday Notebook Projects engage students in a collaborative approach to exploring Creative Writing. This PD training is designed for Teachers and Specialists seeking ways to:

– Engage students’ identities, cultures, and abilities
– Deepen students’ sense of connection with writing and each other
– Build confidence and skills as writers

If you can talk to a friend, you can write. Friday Notebook projects center on stories; students with a wide range of backgrounds, challenges, and strengths  quickly discover they are already experts in this curriculum. Their growing confidence leads to a natural curiosity about craft and the structures of writing. 

                Professional Development Training for Teachers:                           

In-Person: 664 Main Street, Amherst MA: 

Summer, 2024

Four Saturdays – In Person

9:00 to 11:30 am

10 Professional Development Credits – Fee: $245 *


Training Location is 664 Main Street, Amherst MA. This setting is located near the center of town, and offers a quiet, comfortable setting for writers.

Friday Notebook Projects are highly adaptable: writing activities can be as brief as a weekly 10-minute writing exercise. They can also be expanded into a semester-long writing course. Key aspects of this approach can also be threaded across academic subjects.

Training participants will have opportunities to write, reflect, and lead sample writing sessions. Time will be set aside to develop lesson plans specific to participants’ classrooms and students.

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Kathy Dunn, Director of The Friday Notebook Project, has introduced children, teens, and adults to this approach to writing for over 30 years. She is a Licensed Professional Development Provider in Massachusetts; this training meets the Frameworks Standards for Teaching All Students, and Curriculum Standards in English Language Arts & Literacy

Questions, Further Information: Contact Kathy Dunn at kathy@fridaynotebook.com


 * If this fee poses a financial hardship that would prevent you from registering, please contact Kathy at kathy@fridaynotebook.com


“Kathy Dunn is able to provide the kind of atmosphere that produces much and varied writing from the students. We all know that students won’t write if they don’t feel like it, and they especially won’t produce strong writing unless they feel safe. Kathy has created that safe environment.”– ESL Department Chair

“I appreciate the cultural ideas, like the naming of each individual as an expert on themselves, was helpful.” – 8th Grade Teacher

“I look forward to transforming indifference to enthusiasm when giving students a writing task. The safer and less scary we can make writing for out students each day is a huge skill.” – 2nd and 4th Grade Teacher   

“I plan on using this notebook as a centerfor my students where we can do some one-on-one work. I’m also thinking of the writing as their ‘Do now’ or Exit Ticket for my afternoon.” 4th grade Reading and Writing Teacher 


“I like to write to learn more. And I feel good to be learning. And I go home to tell my mom about writing.” 2nd Grader

“I loved going to this class, and usually school is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.”  High School Student






Kathy Dunn
664 Main Street, Suite 60
Amherst, MA 01002

kathy@fridaynotebook.com  –   www.fridaynotebook.com